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Drain tile comes with a lifetime warranty!

We use jackhammers over saws for rigidty & Mobility

Our VaporBright System can be tied into the drain tile system.

A battery backup pump is an investment for a finished basement

Our sump basins feature a gas-tight lid & inspection port

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What are the risks?

Water that seeps into your foundation or basement will cause many hazardous issues. These include structural damage, mold, mildew, & damage to interior appliances & furniture.

The most dangerous problems is damage to the structural integrity of your home by weakening the foundation. Typically starts with bowing and heaving during freezing temps.

Mold & mildew thrives in damp environments and can be very harmful to people or pets.

Often homeowners suffer major losses from damage to furniture, appliances, flooring and walls from a wet basement.

Why fix it?

Perhaps you don't feel the basement is worth the investment. Possibly, but if you ever try to sell your 2000 square foot home and 1000 square feet has moisture issues you'll be at a major loss. So you think, "so I'll fix it when I'm ready to sell". That just means you've already decided it must be done, but you're going to fix for the next homeowner and not enjoy the benefits for yourself.

We dig a trench


Flat-Track can either be installed next to or on top of the footing.