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What are the risks?

Your Basement is the foundation of your home. If your basement has seeping water coming in, then your entire home and family can be at risk. Water damages include mold, mildew; deterioration of appliances such as washer, dryer, water heater, and furnace. Also the cost of damage to framing, sheetrock, insulation, carpet, furniture, and any other organic material from floor to ceiling. We offer a permanent solution to give you back the square footage that was lost to water problems. If you take for instance; you have a home that is 2000 square feet. You have 1000 square feet upstairs and 1000 square feet in the basement. If you tried to sell your home with a wet basement, you would only be able to sell it as a home with 1000 square feet of livable space. So if you don't get it fixed, you will be taking a major loss on the sale of your home. Do the math for yourself. Find out what the value of your home is minus the square footage of the wet basement. Then figure out the value of your home with the addition of your permanently dry basement and decide if you think its worth fixing.

We dig a trench


Flat-Track can either be installed next to or on top of the footing.

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